Proudly Independent

Proudly Independent

The Chimney Sweep Academy is still proud to say it is a fully independent association.

We have no ties to any other organisation, for example, The Federation of British Chimney Sweeps. This “organisation” was set up in the recent past by the sole NVQ supplier and one of the other associations. It was clear from the outset that whole reasoning, as far as we could see, was to generate money and ring-fence the entire trade in the long run and cost chimney sweeps far more money each year. Because of this, we will not support said Federation or the NVQ in any way.

We did attempt to form a self governing body two years ago, with all of the other associations invited, with no financial gain at all, purely for the benefit of the members and setting higher standards, but to no avail. It would seem that a certain association was not interested in any way as A: they would not make any money from it, and B: They would not have overall control.

The Academy and all of its members are more than happy to work with other organisations, such as #DEFRA, to help with high standards and educating the public in the overall efficiency of using a solid fuel appliance.

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