Code Of Practice

Code Of Practice

The practice consists of:

Anybody calling and seeking the services of one of our Chimney Sweeps can be assured that the Chimney Sweep in question meets or indeed exceeds our minimum standard. All our sweeps are expected to offer advice on many issues concerning the safe operation of all solid fuel burners.

He or She will advise where required on ventilation requirements, integrity of flue and any termination cowling. In obvious terms, solid fuel burning can be extremely dangerous if faults are present then it is the sweeps duty to spot potential dangers and help keep the consumer from harms way.

Flues without a strong up draft after sweeping will be smoke tested where possible. Every Chimney Sweep Academy sweep will be able to prove their position through membership to the aforementioned association. If for any reason the consumer is not happy with the given standard of their chosen Academy sweep, they have a central point of complaint.

Consumers using an Academy sweep have a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable means of having the periodic cleaning and inspection of their solid fuel burner/fireplace and flue leading through to correct type of cowling. All Chimney Sweep Academy sweeps will use the appropriate national standard certificate of completion. Where necessary, the sweep will issue a certificate concerning a dangerous appliance, an explanation of fault/s will also be issued and recorded.

The Chimney Sweep Academy National Standard consists of the following:
Training, practical assessment, theory assessment, Academy accreditation of training, sweeping practices and method, minimum tool kit including cleanliness of vehicle, safe working practices, prevention or limitation of contamination during sweeping, use of carbon monoxide detectors, building regulations and compliance issues, documentation and recording of works carried out, use of documentation including the reporting of unsafe an/or non-compliant situations, customer complaint procedures, waste disposal procedures, compliance with COSHH, proof of identity, PPE requirements and use, minimum insurance criteria.

If required, due to none compliance, Academy members will be required to undergo further training or risk removal from the Academy.

Within 3 months from the day of training, you must send videos of you working on appliances in the customers house, these are for assessment. These videos must display your work from sheeting up, right through to removal of soot cloth/fire front and hoovering out appliance. Unless prior agreed, if this is not done to a satisfactory standard, you may will be offered extra training or the opportunity to send in new videos. This whole process must be completed within 3 months. Failing to reach our required standard or not completing on time will lead to the individual having to pay for another course of training. Membership will not be offered until the required standard is met and on time.

It must be stressed that Individual Chimney Sweeps who may not members of the Chimney Sweep Academy may sometimes meet the Industry Standard.

Active member listings on the websites are proof that the listed sweeps have current and active approval from the Chimney Sweep Academy and cover the needs of all domestic home insurers.

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