The clean air strategy

The clean air strategy

Following on from the news that ordinary house coal and damp wood are to be banned/restricted.

This is great news for us chimney sweeps. In time to come, the job of cleaning these chimneys using better fuel can only mean a cleaner and better job for us.

All our trained and registered sweeps are able to give customers information on how to burn their appliance more efficiently. They will be able to test wood samples at the customers premises to see how good or bad they might be for burning in the domestic appliance.

Customers themselves can easily check if the wood they have is of suitable seasoned / dried quality by purchasing a moisture meter. These can be sourced from the likes of Ebay for under £10. Simply place the meter at both ends of random logs and in the centre, take the average reading on the display, you’re looking for under 20% for a good, efficient burn. Higher the moisture content in the wood can mean excessive tar build up in the flue, eventually this could lead to a chimney fire.

Never idle or turn down the stove for excessive periods, this can cause an inefficient burn and again, lead to excessive soot and tar build up within the flue system.

Feel free to call us or any of our members for advice on fuel types and burning techniques.

We now have our very own App!

Our brand new App is complete. Able to be downloaded and used on Iphone and Android. Its totally different to anything else out there. As

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