A new year.. A new chimney sweep career?

A new year.. A new chimney sweep career?

So you’re interested in becoming a chimney sweep? Train for a new chimney sweep career with us, it’s easy!

The Chimney Sweep Academy was, and still is, the best priced way to become and “fully approved” chimney sweep. Not only is it the best priced, but also completed in the training centres in only a day in most cases. You’ll have have plenty of reading and digesting to take home with you, this is where so much time is saved. We don’t waste 2/3 days on silent reading in the training centre, or being visited for a day by a salesman selling vastly marked-up Chinese sweeping rods. You get what you need and no less. Whilst on training you’ll be offered our superb power sweeping equipment, discounted to a very, very low price compared to “the others”. Having said that, you can use whatever equipment you like, as long as it covers the minimum standard.

You’ll be given full support, via chat forums, email and of course, the telephone. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be approved to carry out work as a professional chimney sweep, issuing insurance approved certificates. You can also “shadow” one of our other members if needed, for more “on the job” training.

We are proud to be the only true independent chimney sweeping association, this allowing us to set our own standards and moderate in amore efficient manner. Being with us also means that you’ll be paying far lower costs for annual membership and approval.

Give me a call today and see why why we are without doubt the best choice to help you on your way.

Are you our next MASTER SWEEP?

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NVQ for the best price in the UK!

The Chimney Sweep Academy is now offering the NVQ in Chimney Sweeping, for the best price in the UK. Feel free to contact us to

Proudly Independent

The Chimney Sweep Academy is still proud to say it is a fully independent association. We have no ties to any other organisation, for example,