Leading the way in Chimney Sweep training

Leading the way in Chimney Sweep training

The Chimney Sweep Academy were the first association to make full use of social media for support for Chimney Sweeps.

The Chimney Sweep Academy was the first association to offer simple association swaps.

The Chimney Sweep Academy offers the lowest prices in the whole industry, far lower than any other association/trainer.

The Chimney Sweep Academy is the first to offer a home study section to the course.

The Chimney Sweep Academy…Often copied, never equaled.

The Chimney Sweep Academy, the anti ring-fencing association, saving you time and money.


Proudly Independent

The Chimney Sweep Academy is still proud to say it is a fully independent association. We have no ties to any other organisation, for example,

The clean air strategy

Following on from the news that ordinary house coal and damp wood are to be banned/restricted. This is great news for us chimney sweeps. In