A new career as a Chimney Sweep?

A new career as a Chimney Sweep?

So you’re thinking of becoming a Chimney Sweep?

As with anything, a healthy amount of luck will always benefit anyone looking for new work. Back in the day when I started, I’d go round door to door, personally finding work the hard way. There was also of course, the Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages at the time was the go to source for finding all things tradesmen, including the local Chimney Sweep. Today, everything is dominated by social media, word of mouth being faster than ever before. Customers can be found for little or no money at all, without the need to even stretch your legs.With reasonable effort, time and of course, a pinch of luck, you can build up a Chimney Sweeping round and earn yourself a nice living with hours to suit you. Never restricted to the same four walls, everyday you’re out and about, meeting new people, seeing new places and learning something new. Life as a Chimney Sweep can be very satisfying indeed.

You should to be inquisitive and have a problem solving frame of mind. Most of the time things go just fine, on the odd occasion however, you’ll need to work out why certain problems are occurring and the best way to solve them. There is always something new to learn. Chimney Sweeping is not the dirty trade it once was, with the right training and equipment, there is no need for any real mess any more.

Unlike some other trades, it doesn’t cost tens of thousands of pounds to be able to trade as a Chimney Sweep, the cost can be quite low indeed, depending on your choice of equipment. You don’t need to go out and spend £1500 to £2300 on training with other associations. Training, certification and membership is just £649 with the Chimney Sweep Academy training courses. After your Chimney Sweep Academy training is completed, we support you in your ventures, going out unaided and continuing to learn as a professional sweep.

Being a member of the Chimney Sweep Academy will ensure you don’t get ripped off with hidden fees, assessments and big annual memberships.

You’ll need to register as self employed, get public liability insurance. source all of the equipment required (with our help), order your new job completion certificates and away you go.

No formal qualifications are needed and training is open for people of all abilities and ages with the Chimney Sweep Academy.

Give us a call call 01223 851472 or visit the Academy “shop” page for available chimney sweep training courses

NVQ for the best price in the UK!

The Chimney Sweep Academy is now offering the NVQ in Chimney Sweeping, for the best price in the UK. Feel free to contact us to