The most popular association for training and membership

The most popular association for training and membership


…..Yep, we sure are! All the other providers charge far more than us and provide you with nothing extra, FACT.

All our trained members are fully insurance approved and certified. We are independent and proud, there is way too much artificial politics surrounding the trade which the other associations love to entrench themselves in. Unlike other associations, we do not believe the trade should be ring-fenced in any way. All that will happen is that you will have to pay much more money per year and be forced to carry out extra training.

Be careful of the two companies offering power sweep/chimney sweep training for a lower sum, you will NOT be fully insurance approved.

We were the first association to use broad social media for contact and support, all the others have copied. We were the first to allow allow direct membership for prior trained sweeps, again, the others copied. We were the first association to insist on a minimum amount of required tools, including CCTV, you guessed it, others copied. We are also the first to run our courses by qualified teachers and assessors.

Give us a call today and see the difference we can make. 01223 851472

Proudly Independent

The Chimney Sweep Academy is still proud to say it is a fully independent association. We have no ties to any other organisation, for example,